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South African National Parks (SANParks)

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This site hosts details of South African National Parks, their camps and wildlife and community relations. It will help tourists and visitors with planning trips to the parks - self-drive safaris, game viewing, accommodation tariffs, adventure activities such as guided walks and hiking, bird-watching, 4x4 trails, sight-seeing, cultural and historical experiences, mountain biking, golf, canoeing, swimming and many more. You can also learn how to become an honorary ranger or how to take part in organised events within these conservation areas.

SANParks is one of the world's leading conservation and scientific research bodies and a leading proponent of maintaining the indigenous natural environment.


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Sunrise Drive 8 Seater (EMDL), Shimuwini
Sunrise Drive 8 Seater (EMDL), Shimuwini
  • Activity starts at 04h00 from 1 Oct to 31 March
  • Activity starts at 05h00 from 1 Apr to 30 Sep
  • Confirm departure time at reception in advance
  • Base rate: R280
Bergplaas (GH10), Agulhas
Bergplaas (GH10), Agulhas
  • 1 bathroom (wc & s) suited for mobility challenged
  • 1 loft bedroom with 2 single beds
  • 2 en-suite bathrooms (w/c and shower)
  • Base rate: R1350

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One day in kruger 2014/10/21

Posted by: esto (25th October 2014)

How to book a campsite on Kgalagadi's Botswana side ?

Posted by: Agnès (25th October 2014)

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Posted by: AnthonyCon (25th October 2014)

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